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Financial Statement Analysis

Guiding you in making better economic decisions.

In order to better understand the financial health of your business to aid in better decision-making, we perform a Financial Statements Analysis by comparing ratios across multiple periods and statement types. This helps us identify trends, measure profitability, cash flow, liquidity and the overall efficiency of your company.

In order to perform a successful statement analysis, a business accountant must have impeccable knowledge in these 3 areas:

Financial statement structure
Economic structures and characteristics of the industry of which the company is a part of
Strategies the company uses in order to stand out or surpass the work of its competitors

Financial Statements Analysis- Services Include:

Analysis of profit & loss
Analysis of assets & liabilities
Risk analysis
Increasing business value

How We Can Help

There are numerous ways with which Kreston will ensure the effective financial statement analysis of a company?

We identify the activities involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and selling of a company’s goods or services.
We look at profit margins, cost control, product originality, and brand loyalty when determining company strategies.
We assess the quality of the company’s statements including balance sheets, valuation, and corporate classification to ensure a thorough evaluation of cash flows.
We analyze the risk and profitability of a company by evaluating financial statement ratios, debt management, asset management, and risk valuation.
We prepare financial statements forecasted based on our analysis, in order to draw a clear picture of the company’s financial future, and how cash flow may be impacted by numerous factors.

With each financial statement showing us numerous years of accumulated data, a business accountant can track performance measures using a variety of different methods like horizontal, vertical and ratio analysis. This review of past performance will help us determine how future endeavors and economic decision making will fit into your business plans and forecasts, as well as troubleshoot potential problem areas.

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