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The Role of a Company Secretary

Course overview

The role of the company secretary continually evolves and it is crucial that the person given this responsibility is fully aware of the duties they must perform to protect their company and themselves from any penalties.

This comprehensive course explains the duties of a company secretary, providing you with a thorough understanding and ensuring you are fully up-to-date and compliant with your legal responsibilities. It guides you through the role step by step, explaining exactly what must be done to comply with the Companies Act, company articles and other legislation.

It is a practical day, focusing on real-life situations and is a guide to the responsibilities of a company secretary, working with directors, the duties of the company secretary throughout the year, what a company secretary should know, the questions they should ask and what to do when problems arise.

Attending will enable you to approach the job with confidence and equip you with the essential knowledge to succeed in this challenging role.

Who should attend?

This course is an essential primer for those who are new to the role – and also acts as an ideal refresher for more experienced secretaries, hoping to build on their existing skills.

This course is for all companies that are registered at Companies House. However, if your company is a Charity that is registered at Companies House, we recommend that you attend.

What will you learn?
  • What must a company secretary do immediately on appointment?
  • What are the legal responsibilities of a company secretary?
  • Can the company secretary ever overrule the directors?
  • What are the statutory registers and how are they written up?
  • Exactly what must be reported to Companies House?
  • How does a company limited by guarantee differ from other companies?
  • What must a company secretary do if a company director is acting illegally?
  • What must a company secretary do if they believe that the company is insolvent?
  • How does a company secretary set about changing the Articles?
  • What is the company secretary’s role at a Board Meeting?
  • Does the company secretary have the right to attend all board meetings?
  • How can a company secretary stop the company’s identity being hijacked?
  • What is the law about keeping minutes?
  • How do the new model articles differ from Table A?
  • Can company secretaries avoid giving their addresses to Companies House?
  • What are the time limits for sending the accounts to Companies House?
  • What are the arrangements for filing documents at Companies House?
  • What is the law about companies using e-mail and websites to communicate with their members?
  • What is the law about the execution of documents?
  • What information must by law be shown on e-mails and websites?
  • What is the requirement to report details of share capital to Companies House?
  • What rights do shareholders have?
  • What are the recent Companies House reforms?
Extra benefits
  • A course pack containing the information presented on the day.
  • A certificate of attendance.
  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks provided.
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