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Power & Utilities


Power and utilities companies around the world face the triple challenge of improving environmental performance, keeping consumers’ costs down and maintaining system reliability.

Our team is ready to develop practical approaches to the assurance, advisory, transactions and finance-related issues you face..


Most operators are looking to solve two key challenges, improving business performance and cost reduction. This dual objective can deliver significant benefits and position the organization to emerge from the downturn with a stronger, more secure and competitive profile.

We also provide specific advice relating to issues facing power & utilities clients:

  • Business planning and decision support for major capital expenditure.
  • Cost-efficiency.
  • Impairment of power stations.
  • Risk management.

We are known for our strong assurance practice. We provide critical information for investors and other stakeholders, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees and timely and constructive input to management.

Beyond our audit capabilities, our assurance professionals provide services as required by global or local regulations, including:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting.
  • External audit services.
  • Financial Accounting Advisory Services.
  • Fraud, Investigation and Dispute Services.
Transaction Advisory services

Doing the right deal right can make a utilities business more competitive and profitable – and help it grow more quickly.

Clients turn to our transactions advisory services professionals for advice and support throughout a transaction’s life cycle, from early-stage, to execution and post-deal activities. Whether your transaction involves acquisitions, alliances, joint ventures, sales, divestitures or securitizations, we help you determine and secure the right deal.

We can help determine an asset’s true value, optimize your position in regulated revenue and pricing environments, and execute the deal.

Moreover, we combine proven practices and consistent methodologies with fresh thinking, giving the advice you need to make informed decisions, reduce risk and achieve a successful outcome.

Our services include:

  1. Transactions support.
  2. Economic advisory.
  3. Utility revenue, price regulation and microeconomics.
  4. Infrastructure advisory.
  5. Valuations and business modeling.
  6. Cash and working capital management.
  7. Transaction integration and carve-out services.
  8. Capital markets advisory.
Other Industries