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Across the world, people’s ability to move safely and efficiently from one point to another impacts their degree of opportunity for a better, more productive life. The automotive and transportation sector enables people everywhere to access family and friends, employment, education, health care and entertainment.

Johar Audit’s Automotive & Transportation Sector delivers purpose-led, transformative solutions to help our clients improve the movement of people and goods in Kuwait. We build a better working world by teaming with public and private companies throughout the sector to:

  1. Innovate and implement new business models to harness emerging digital and connected vehicle technologies.
  2. Better connect with customers to drive loyalty and grow market share.
  3. Create world-class supply chains in order to grow business and manage risk.
  4. Improve business outcomes through M&A and investment decisions.
  5. Navigate volatile markets and changing regulations.

Whether you’re focused on transforming your business or on sustaining performance and building on achievements, we are open to helping you. We work with our clients to improve the performance and effectiveness of their business by examining everything from supply chain management and business processes, to future directions and opportunities for growth. Improve your performance with our resources in program management, strategic direction, people and organization and IT Advisory.

Some consulting firms think only about business strategy; some physically deploy technology; but our Advisory services help execute enterprise-wide performance transformation initiatives. We help turn strategy into reality. We also provide services specific to the issues facing automotive companies:

  1. Performance improvement.
  2. Finance.
  3. Customers.
  4. Supply chains.
  5. Risk.
  6. IT risk and assurance.

Strong independent assurance provides critical information for investors and other stakeholders, a robust and clear perspective to audit committees and timely and constructive input to management.

Our assurance professionals in Johar Audit conduct an independent audit of a company’s financial statements following the appropriate accounting standards. They also provide other attestation services as required by global or local regulations, or both, including:

  1. Accounting compliance and reporting (including compliance with SEC reporting requirements and IFRS).
  2. Internal control compliance and reporting.
  3. Assistance with mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence.
  4. Financial accounting advisory services.
  5. Performance of agreed upon procedures and related reporting.
  6. Fraud, investigation and dispute services.
  7. Climate change and sustainability reporting.
Transaction Advisory Services

Our clients turn to Transactions Advisory Services (TAS) for advice and support as they contemplate and execute M&A, joint venture, financing and other transactions. We advise companies throughout the deal lifecycle from transaction strategy and deal origination, to execution and post-transaction integration and monitoring. Additionally, our global footprint as a member in Johar Audit network and industry relationships give us access and insight into almost every geography, market and market participant in the automotive industry. Our service capabilities combined with deep sector expertise make us one of the most comprehensive automotive advisors.

Representative Automotive TAS services include:

  1. Buy and sell side M&A lead advisory.
  2. Industry and transaction strategy advisory.
  3. Transaction structuring, financial modeling, etc.
  4. Debt and equity capital raises.
  5. Capital structure advisory.
  6. Financing alternatives analyses.
  7. Business valuation services.
  8. Fairness opinions.
  9. Asset valuation services.
  10. Purchase price allocation and impairment analyses.
  11. Financial due diligence services.
  12. Transactional tax services.
  13. Working capital improvement analyses and reviews.
  14. Restructuring advisory (i.e., 13 week cash flow forecasts, distressed suppliers, business plan and forecast reviews).
  15. Market and industry research.
  16. Operational transaction services (e.g., synergy analysis, integration strategic assessments, change management, etc.).
Other Industries